Every human being has experienced trauma just by living in a less than perfect world. Trauma can happen as early as a difficult birth experience and as late in life as the loss of a lifelong parent, sibling or partner. Trauma is the imprint on our body, mind and spirit from an event or experience that was too much for our being at the time it happened. That imprint stays in our unconscious mind, in our body-memory and in our energetic field causing defensive and avoidant patterns in our behavior and in the way that we relate to others. We often feel our limitations and a sense that we are held prisoner to our fears. We may sense a certain numbness or deep inexplicable pain but not know the origin. We may not be able to have that truly fulfilling love relationship or become successful using our innate gifts because of this traumatic imprinting. Some of the ways by which people are traumatized are loss, abandonment, abuse, medical and health related difficulties, divorce, accidents, natural disasters, war, terrorism, racism and poverty to name only a few.

The traumatic load we carry can be effectively lightened by the use of Mind-Body techniques such as EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, TFT-Thought Field Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapies. All of these modalities help bring the traumatic experiences out of the unconscious and into our conscious awareness. Here they can be recognized for how they are limiting our lives and be cleared.

Andrea DeSharone has found that many of her clients have felt a tremendous relief of anxiety and depression, a sense of “lightening up” and inner freedom. They have also reported more emotional availability for their intimate relationships and more motivation and energy to attend to their responsibilities in life as well as cultivating creativity, fun and relaxation. Sessions held in West Concord, MA.