Trager Movement Education ®, also known as The Trager Approach and Trager Psychophysical Integration is a Mind-Body modality which brings awareness to our deeply ingrained emotional patterns as they are held in the body. Through gentle, non-intrusive movements such as rocking, elongating and shimmering, our holding patterns relax and a new learning and awareness takes place. Trager is a pathway to reach the mind through the body. You can experience a state of profound relaxation and integration. Throughout a Trager session the client is encouraged to discover an experience of lightness, softness, playfulness and freedom. Trager has been found effective in the management and relief of back and neck pain, headaches, stress, muscle spasms, TMJ, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s disease, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, sports and other injuries, poor posture, physical and emotional trauma, eating disorders and body image issues.

In a typical 1and ½ hour Trager session Andrea will guide you to tune in to the sensations in your body. Then you will do a series of simple, playful movements called “Mentastics”®. This is the name Dr. Milton Trager, the founder of this modality, coined for Mental Gymnastics. Mentastics allow your body to learn ways of working with gravity instead of against it. They provide a pathway of release for tension, pain, and stress. These simple movements can be done by the client at home, daily, to support the mind-body learning that occurs in a session. For the last hour the client ,dressed in underwear, a swimsuit, or loose fitting clothing, lies on a well padded massage table fully draped. There are no lotions or oils used. Andrea will encourage you to be aware of your breath and to allow your body to do nothing as she moves your trunk and limbs in gentle, rhythmic motions. She will work from a meditative state called ”Hookup” in which she is deeply attuned to the messages and responses of your body and can respond in a gentle, unforced way.