Andrea offers one-hour or one-and-a-half-hour Kabbalistic Healing sessions. These sessions include a conversation where the client can describe their experience and perhaps a particular question or dilemma they are encountering in their lives. This process of allowing the story or telling to unfold is a diagnostic process. During this time a healing begins to occur simply by bringing light to places in our body, mind and spirit that have been shrouded in darkness.

Andrea studied Kabbalistic Healing for four years with her teacher Jason Shulman. Jason writes:

“The Kabbalah - which is the Jewish mystical path of Cleaving to God and knowing Reality - speaks to the central fire of our being.
Kabbalah is above all a means of joining with the Divine. It is a path of profound transformation, the fruit of which is to awaken into Life in such a way that our former lives seem like a sleep in comparison. It brings about the ultimate healing of the human soul”.

Kabbalistic Healing is a journey toward wholeness that seeks to heal the ego and splits in the soul. The work is psychological and spiritual in nature. During the last 10-15 minutes of the session Andrea will do a healing during which the client will usually lie down. The healings are based on the qualities of the Kabbalistic “Tree of Life”. Kabbalistic Healing can also be done in a long distance session over the phone. Andrea does many healings in this way.

Clients report feeling more present in all aspects of their lives. They begin to recognize the divinity of their true nature in this process of "waking up".