Infant Massage

Infant Massage has been practiced in ancient cultures throughout the world and has seen a resurgence in recent years in the Western World. Infant massage provides early nurturing contact which enhances the healthy growth and development of children. It models the critical elements of bonding between parent and child through the senses by providing eye contact, facial expressions, rhythmic attunement, skin to skin contact, sounds and smells. Parents learn to read their baby's cues and find greater ease and confidence in comforting and soothing their babies.

Benefits for Babies:
Relaxation and decrease of stress
Relief of digestive discomfort such as gas, constipation and colic.
Improved circulation and muscle tone
More complete sleep cycles (for baby and parents)
Stimulation of brain development and sensory awareness
Less crying and parents more responsive to babies' cues
Promotes bonding and attachment

Andrea will teach you to massage your baby and help you incorporate this practice into your daily family life. She offers classes at Luminosity Studio in Concord, MA. Both individual sessions and classes are available. Andrea offers infant massage to already formed groups or classes upon request.