Expressive Arts Therapies draw on ancient rituals and art forms that have been the mode of expression for humanity through out all recorded time. This blending of Dance/Movement, Music, Voice, Visual Art, Psychodrama and Play allows a broad entry way into our unconscious, our creativity and self expression. Expressive Arts Therapies also awakens pathways of connection to our history, our roots, our ancestors and the culture we currently inhabit. Dance / Movement Therapy is the use of non-verbal imagery as expressed in and through the body.

Music is an exploration with instruments such as drums, chimes, shakers in an improvisational expressive experience, as well as the use of already recorded music that resonates with an inner state of being. Voice is the use of sounding, sometimes primal sounds, sometimes improvised song, as a way to access memories and un-integrated parts of the body.

Visual Art employs materials such as pencils, markers, oil pastels, paint, clay and collage materials. Here the process of creating can be cathartic and can externalize some of the unconscious experiences that are more difficult to verbalize.

Psychodrama is a process of recreating “dramas “ and processing traumas from our life experience using role plays and role reversals. This is a very effective tool in looking at our relationships in our families, as parents, as couples, with friends, in work situations and in society. Play is the use of props such as dolls, puppets, sandtray, and any other improvised objects to re-enact and work through situations from the past as well as utilizing our imaginations and forging new relationships.

Within an Expressive Arts Therapy session one or more of these modalities will be integrated into the therapeutic process, as needed, along with talking as a way of bringing the experience into our conscious awareness. Expressive Arts Therapies are used in sessions with children, teens, adults, couples, groups, and individuals with special needs. Sessions are held at Luminosity Studio in Concord, MA.