Dance / Movement Therapy is the most essential and fundamental of the Expressive Arts Therapies. All humans inhabit a body and movement is the body’s primary mode of expression. Many of us become disconnected from our body sensations. Our modern technology reinforces a condition often referred to as “Being in Our Heads”. As a very verbal society we find habituated ways of communicating. There are times when words are not enough. When we have experienced a trauma in childhood, the pain of the memories can be stored in “body memory”. Often physical pain and illness stem from unresolved experiences held in the body.

In a Dance / Movement Therapy session the client will be guided to move authentically as a response to a feeling, an image or an impulse. Sometimes music is used as a background, but most often it is done in a quiet setting where one can be more aware of their inner experience.

Dance / Movement Therapy (DMT) is done individually, for couples and in groups with children and adults. Individuals have an opportunity to find their inner dance, enjoy an increased acceptance of self, and an experience of moving beyond their personal limitations. In a group setting it can be used to build community and a sense of connection. Exercise, fun, creativity and playfulness are some of the wonderful benefits of this modality. Dance Therapy sessions are held at Luminosity Studio in Concord, MA. Andrea has been a Registered Dance / Movement Therapist since 1991. She has worked extensively with Autistic Children and Adults with this modality. She has taught graduate courses in DMT, mentored Dance/Movement Therapy students and offers Professional Supervision for DMT Therapists.