Conscious Breath

Conscious Breath is the practice of becoming aware of our breath patterns: to recognize ways we inhibit our breath and to instill a pattern of a full and complete breath. By changing the rate, depth and rhythm of our breath we can alter our mental and emotional states as well as our body chemistry and health. A full and constant breath pattern immediately affects our circulation. Breath is our connection to life.

In Yoga the breath is called Prana and is thought of as our life force energy. As we grow up, trauma, fear and stress build in us. We often hold our breath thus literally starving our brains and our cells of essential oxygen. Our bodies defend against the unpredictability of life by establishing muscular armoring which attenuates the flow of breath.

In a Conscious Breath session Andrea helps the client find a healthy pattern and rhythm while facilitating an opening of armored places in the body. When we open through the breath we have more access to locked away awareness and emotions, as well as a greater ability to be in connection with ourselves and others.

Some of the other benefits of a breath session are detoxification, tension relief, lessening of depression, a clear and calm mental state, a feeling of bliss and oneness with all that is.