Movement and Music with Austic Individuals

Andrea has an ongoing Movement and Music group at Luminosity Studio in Concord, MA for Autistic adults and sees other special needs clients on an individual basis. Andrea has been working with people on the Autism and Asperger's Spectrum for many years.

Movement and music are effective and engaging modes of expression for non-verbal people. The Autism Spectrum generally is evidenced in non-verbal, non-relational, stereotypical behaviors. Very often people with Autism have habituated rhythmic body movements and can be very responsive to music. Music can also be quite soothing . Andrea has developed a series of movement and music rituals that allow each individual each individual to express herself or himself in their own unique way. There is a process of reflection and validation for each member in the group. This process allows for subtle connections between group members to be recognized and amplified. There is great support for even the most minute creative spark.

Andrea’s movement and music work fosters eye contact, awareness of peers and caregivers, and a respect for the present state of each individual. Movement props are used to enhance the connection between group members such as a stretch band, parachute, stretch cloth, balls and scarves. Drums of all sorts, shakers, Tibetan bowls, guitars and other instruments are played by all. There is a joyful spirit in the room as we play and connect.